Balneoclimateric resort Sangeorz-Bai competes from the point of view of mineral water springs with Vichy(France) and Karlovy Vary(Czech Republic).

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Sangeorz-Bai is located in North-East Bistrita-Nasaud County, Romania. A small city with a population of ~10.000 people, it is crossed by the Somesul Mare river and surrounded by the Carpathian mountains.

Situated at the base of the Rodnei Mountains, close to Rodna National Park, the city finds itself at an altitude of 465 meters, surrounded by beech, pine, fir and spruce forests.

There are 9 different types of mineral water springs, all capable of healing your digestive tract, your liver and other parts of your body, making the mineral waters from Sangeorz-Bai a great way to stay healthy.(more details on Mineral Waters page). These springs properties competes with much more famous spa Vichy from France or Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic).

Treatment is done in a modern facility with new hydrotherapy and electrotherapy technology. The resort also has aerosol and inhaling installations, paraffin treatments and modern medical gyms.