History of Sangeorz-Bai

History of Sangeorz-Bai

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The village was first documented in 1241, but only in 1770 it makes it's first appearance on Autro-Hungarian Empire map as a place where the mineral waters make miracles. Their curative properties had attracted tourists since 1800. In 1839 the authorities of Sangeorz-Bai reported the first time 500 tourists. After 40 years, the number of tourists that came to resort doubles, reaching 1000.

4000 florins loaned to buy a steam boiler

Back in 1860, the steam waters were mostly used for drinking but Sangeorz loaned 4000 florins to purchase a steam boiler which alowed them to use the waters for mineral baths. In 1880 "Hebe" leased the 5 springs of the area for 30 years. The significant flow of those 5 springs made it possible to export 30000 liters of bottled water per year.

1900s - One of the famous resorts from Transylvania

During the interwar period the small resort gained fame for it's mineral waters, which together with the tranquility of being in the middle of nature attracted several famous Romanian writers like Alexandru Odobescu, George Cosbuc, Ioan Slavici, Nicolae Iorga and Ion Luca Caragiale.

State property, administred by Ministry of Health

The treatment of the tourists was sprinkled with artistic moments, theater and concerts. Between 1945 and 1950, the balneoclimateric resort became state property, being administered by the Ministry of Health, which nationalized all villas in its property, turning it into a resort for the "proletarians" of the country. .

City, since 1960

The village becomes a city in 1960 and in the following years the Somes hotel is built, with a capacity of 600 people, 300 less than the other hotel in the resort, Hebe, which at that time had the largest capacity in the entire country.